Volume 2023 Issue 4

Revolutionizing Healthcare Documentation: Abridge's Innovative Solution to Physician Burnout and Efficiency Challenges - Jack Buckanavage & Randall W. Lee, MD  


Volume 2023 Issue 4

Remote Patient Monitoring: Future Directions - Anna Buchanan & Rahul Nadendla, MD
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Bridging the Gaps in DGBI: The Mind Body Approach to Abdominal Pain - Nora Luck, Soroush Shahamatdar, & Stephanie A. Eucker, MD, PhD

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The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health - Taylor Brewer, Chelsea Holbrook, & Alison Hong
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Continuous Glucose Monitors to Reduce ED Burden - Aneka Khilnani & Kevin Cho, MD
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Pitfalls of Breast Imagining in the Emergency Department - Aneka Khilnani & Akansha Mohan, MD
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Extracorporeal Machine Perfusion May Be a Way to Increase Transplant Donor ReservesTroy Mohamed, Emily Terrebonne, & Susan Kartiko, MD, PhD
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Understanding the Factors Influencing Patient Adherence to Hemodialysis: Implications for Improved Care - Jack Meltzer, Ryan Heidish, & Christopher Payette, MD
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Why an Unusual Complication of Daily Cannabis Use is Hard to Accept for Many Patients - Jack Meltzer & Joseph Miller, MD
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Blockchain in Healthcare: A Cure for Administrative Costs and Innovation Barriers - Rahul Nadendla, MD & Jack Bucanavage
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Volume 2023 Issue 3

Universal Flu Vaccination May Soon be a Reality - Amrit Ammanamanchi
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Acoustic Gunshot Technology to Improve EMS Response Times - Aditya Loganathan, Ishan Abdullah, & Jesus Trevino, MD, MBA

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OneMedical: A Pioneer in Patient-Centric Care with a Glimpse into the Future of Healthcare - Siddhanth Iyer & Randall W. Lee, MD
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Telemedicine in the Post-Pandemic Era: Navigating Challenges for Sustainable Adoption and Future Growth - Connor Perlin & Jeffrey Y. Wang
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New App to Monitor Parkinson’s Symptoms – Parky: H2O Therapeutics - Iris Brammer
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Transmedics Ex-Vivo Organ Perfusion: A Glimpse into the Future of Organ Transplantation - Michael Frenkel
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Developing an Objective Measure of Pain - Kellan Clausen
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Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs: The Unique Challenges of Implementation in the Emergency DepartmentAnders Ahlberg & Callen H. Morrison
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