Volume 2023 Issue 1

Research in Action: Remote Controlled Investigation of the Stomach using Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscopy - Ryan Antar
Endoscopy capsule
Pharm in Action: New Hopes for Alzheimer’s Treatment - Basil Considine
brain hollagram
Technology in Action: Can technology decrease in-person prenatal care visits but improve care? - Nicole A. Derdzakyan
Babyscripts app and blood pressure cuff
The Medication Adherence Epidemic: How to KEEP Patients Healthy - Aditya Loganathan, Ishan S. Abdullah, and Randall W. Lee, MD
Black clock that reads 11:00 and 72 degrees
Technology in Action: Multiplex PCR in the Tripledemic - Aditya Loganathan, Ishan S. Abdullah, and Andrew C. Meltzer, MD
Computer with a test result pulled up on the screen
Digital Biomarkers Provide a Way for Doctors & Patients to Work Collaboratively at a Distance - Troy Mohamed
Illustration of biomarkers
Research in Action: Comparing ED Options for Non-Invasive Ventilation for COPD Patients with Hypercapnic Episodes: Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPap) Versus High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)? - Alisa Dewald
hospital machine
ChatGPT & Doctors: The Medical Dream Team - Ishan S. Abdullah, Aditya Loganathan, Randall W. Lee, MD
Computer monitor with ChatGPT on it


Volume 2023 Issue 2